SketchUp Viewer

SketchUp Viewer 22.0

Opens files created with SketchUp

Displays and prints models made in SketchUp without actually having the CAD application installed on your computer. Also plays SketchUp video presentations.

Sketchup Viewer lets you preview models created with SketchUp. Most of the benefits of using this tool are derived from those inherent to SketchUp itself, a tool that allows designing 3D models and is widely used in various areas, mainly architecture.

It has been a good decision by the developers of SketchUp Viewer to make its graphical user interface quite similar to that of SketchUp because it flattens the learning curve for those users who have previous experience with this popular tool. Thus, SketchUp Viewer has a lot of elements that allow rotating the model, adding cameras and setting a viewing path. Likewise, you can decide which elements should be rendered, such as edges, profiles, and shadows. As this application is intended for viewing purposes only, it does not have any feature that could allow you to alter the original model, which serves as a protection against accidental modifications. Logically, this program does not have a save function; however, it can be used to print a given view.

In general, Sketchup Viewer is like a version of SketchUp with limited editing features. It has the advantage of being lighter and using fewer system resources. Since the standard edition of SketchUp is available at no cost, you should consider whether you may want to use it instead.

Pedro Castro
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  • Protection of the original model against accidental modification
  • Supports changing various viewing settings
  • Supports printing


  • Does not have any editing features
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